Car Accessories That Will Transform Your Driving Experience



With advanced technology and innovation in the automotive industry, you can make your car safer and more enjoyable than ever before. The best thing is that you don’t need to purchase a new vehicle. Simply adding the latest accessories to your current car will make it look classy and stylish.

Nowadays, some gadgets can do everything, including warning you if there is a problem with your car, boosting performance, and transforming your vehicle into a more modern one. Most of these apps and accessories are designed to make driving simpler.
Furthermore, upgrading your car with the latest accessories makes the automobile look new and more comfortable. Here are some of the best car accessories to watch out for.

TyrePal Solar

One of the best fuel management practices is to keep your tires at the right pressure. In addition, it is essential to have a warning system to avoid destroying a punctured tire by driving after it deflates. TyrePal Solar is a solar-powered gadget that ensures that your tires are at the right pressure and notifies you if you get a deflated tire.

This gadget is mounted on the dashboard, and it displays the tire pressure and temperature. You can also select whether to see the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and pressure in bar or PSI. When notification alarms are set, TyrePal will beep and blink a red light if a tire gets too hot or the pressure goes below or above the set limits.

Studies have shown that this gadget prevents accidents and saves you from frequently purchasing new tires.

GPS Tracker

This one of the “must-have” car accessories from EyeRide Online since it comes with numerous benefits. A GPS tracker connects you with your smartphone and assists you with tracking and monitoring your car. Apart from helping parents to keep tabs on their children, GPS trackers assist in locating your vehicle in case of theft.

Car Mount Holder

A mount holder is a gadget mounted on the dashboard that enables you to insert or remove your mobile phone with ease. Using this device, you can keep your phone fixed in one position without worrying about it falling and breaking. This accessory also allows you to check Google maps on your phone while driving.

Some key features of a mount holder include a high-quality dashboard suction cup and a firm rubber ring that keeps your phone in place.

Driving gloves

Driving gloves will assist you with gripping firmly on the steering wheel, especially if your palms sweat a lot. Besides that, they keep your hands warm during cold seasons. This helps you to drive the car comfortably.

Mini-Fridge Electric Cooler

During long road trips, a mini-fridge will be essential in keeping your drinks and snacks cold or hot and fresh. Mini-fridge electric coolers come with an AC/DC adapters and are energy efficient. Moreover, a mini-fridge electric cooler can store up to six cans at once, and you can switch from hot to cold and vice versa.


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