How To Accessorise In 2019: A Gentleman’s Guide


Men Fashion

There is a lot of chat about men’s’ fashion, in general, these days and especially in business attire. Although some talk centers around accessories it’s more common for these discussions to be a little more vague and maybe focus mostly on what suit to wear and maybe the shirt. But today we are going to focus entirely on the accessories, what goes on around the main outfit can be vitally important.

What To Look For In Shoes

Men Shoes

Shoes can really cap off a gentleman’s outfit or throw it off. You can certainly avoid this by playing it safe, and that’s reasonably obvious, black shoes with a dark suit for example. But also it can be a bold but effective strategy to pick shoes of a different colour to the suit, but be careful here, not too bright and not clashing either, something like a dark maroon can be very good with a brown suit for example. You should be thinking about the rest of the outfit as well, matching shoes to the shirt is a good idea.

Watches & Jewelry

Watches and other Jewelry are important as they can be very impressive and really cap off your look and show you in a good light. When wearing a suit are we better to wear a leather or metal strap? In some ways it depends on the suit and you, a leather strap can be a very classic look and be more comfortable but the metal look can be better with a very sharp suit for example. At the end of the day either can work very well.

Best Tie Choice

Is your choice of tie an afterthought for you when getting ready for the office? It shouldn’t be, as it’s an integral part of the whole office and actually a bit of a focal point in your look. It can be particularly jarring to the eye to be sporting a tie that clashes with the rest of the outfit, so make sure you get one that matches, for example, if I was sporting a traditional look and wanted a wool tie I would look here,

Can You Wear A Hat These Days?

Hats are considered a very traditional accessory for a man and are not at all considered common, we have spoken greatly about women’s hats, so can we get away with it as a gentleman? As with any bold fashion choice how you carry it off can be the make or break the effectiveness of this look, you will need to do it with confidence.

Making A Spectacle

Following on from the hat debate, what about bold and colourful choices in general? In some ways it depends on the job you do, you couldn’t get away with a bright orange suit whilst working as a funeral director, for example. Looking at this guide here to wearing purple as a menswear colour, we can see they concentrate mostly on accessories, and this may be a better way to embrace colourfulness than a whole suit itself.


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