4 Ways to Save Money on Clothes


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Clothes can slice out a chunk of your budget, especially if you have kids. There are times when trying to avoid replenishing your wardrobe may not be an option – for instance, if you have the kind of job that requires you to dress up or a really active social life. Here are some tips that can help to keep you (and the family) in style without breaking the budget:

1.    Timing

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This does not refer to just waiting for sales before shopping. Seasonality plays a big role. Start of the season is when prices are at their peak. In general, January and August are the best months to shop for kiddie clothes. Also, it pays off to shop at end of season sales, especially if you wait till stores have knocked off prices at least twice.

Go for items that are generic and not the kind of trendy that only lasts for a season. A lot of stores offer deals at certain times of the month or week and these are regularly updated on store websites or shopping sites.

2.    Coupons and special deals

Store coupons are a great way to get a discount on practically anything you want. Coupon codes are usually available through shopping sites and there are even apps that allow you to search for coupons for stores in your vicinity; for example, Yowza and Coupon Sherpa. If you don’t have time to surf through the net on a regular basis then opt for newsletters and emails which you can go through once a week.

Don’t forget the daily deal sites! Websites like Givemedeals.com offer special deal on items from grocery to medical supplies to clothing. Also you can participate in simple customer surveys to take advantage of trial offers on new products.

3.    Combinations


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Before investing in that great looking shirt or purple sling backs, think about whether it goes with anything else in your wardrobes. Creative combinations are the key to a fresh look every day. It may be tempting to buy something because you really like it but question yourself if it will work with at least 3 other items in your wardrobe for a trendy combo. Use your money wisely and invest in better quality clothes that will last longer instead of cheaper packs of 3 that seem like a great deal at the time but lose color after 3 washes.

There’s another kind of combination to consider when shopping online. Some websites offer free samples or combination deals when you shop for a certain amount.

4.    Hidden costs

That new shirt may only have cost $10. Are you sure you’re not paying more for it than the tag price? For instance, you were really tempted to buy it and paid with your credit card. Then you weren’t able to pay back the full amount when the bill came so you ended up paying interest on it. That’s a hidden cost you probably didn’t think about at the time.

The simplest way to avoid this is to pay in cash always. Buy what you can pay for right there and then! Also, when shopping online prices may seem cheaper initially because we forget too include shipping cost when adding things onto the cart. Always rework the price of clothes with shipping to see if it’s really costing what you think it is. The flip side of hidden costs is hidden savings.


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