3 Subscriptions Services You’ll Love


With so much variety and so many choices, it can be overwhelming trying to pick out a favorite anything. Luckily, a new business model dedicated to overcoming this problem has taken the retail world by storm. Subscription services offer an endless variety of new experiences and the convenience of a regular home delivery. If you’re interested in joining your first subscription service or wanting to gift someone the gift that keeps giving, here are three monthly subscription clubs you’re bound to love.

Coffee-of-the-Month Club

We’ve all heard the complaints around the water cooler: nobody likes the brand of K-cups that HR ordered, yet everyone suffers through them day after day. They dump flavored creamer or loads of sugar into their mugs just to make the taste bearable, then trudge off to their cubicles in muted disappointment. When shopping at the grocery store, many times your only option for trying something new is to take the risk of buying an entire bag of something that you may only drink once.

This doesn’t have to be the case. With Moustache Coffee Club, you can receive a curated list of premium coffees from all over the world. These coffees are expertly roasted (unlike most K-cups) and offer plenty of information about the best techniques to brew the perfect cup. As an added benefit, you get to vicariously tour the world while reading about the places and people that made your delicious cup of coffee a reality.

Shave Clubs

This concept isn’t just for men. Rather, it is for everyone who doesn’t want to pay the equivalent of a prime rib dinner every time they need new razor blades. Though the website is predominantly male-oriented, Dollar Shave Club says its products are unisex and enjoyed by women all over the country. There are also Shave Clubs specifically for women like Billie and Angel Shave Club, and all of these services offer a wide range of personal grooming products other than razors to meet all your needs.

Unlock-Your-Inner-Genius Clubs

Have you ever dreamt of dashing around like Sherlock Holmes, or deducing like Watson?

Do you love scavenger hunts, geocaching, or solving mysteries? Then Finders Seekers might be the perfect subscription service for you, or for the bored critical thinker in your life. Adding to the convenience, these mysteries can be unlocked right from your own computer without ever having to leave the house or the pizza pockets behind.

If someone in your family is interested in STEM, there are several subscription kit services available. STEM products by Amazon has various options suitable for 3-year-olds up to teenagers, sure to spark creativity and increase problem-solving skills in your family. Creation Crate by Crate Joy is geared towards those interested in electronics, coding, and robotics, and scales in difficulty from age eight up to adulthood.

There are subscription services that will pick out a wardrobe for you, send you monthly makeup samples or specialty socks, gourmet food and treats, or even a special “pick me up” for your furry partner-in-crime. Many services let you pick various pricing levels to meet your budget while offering all the wondrous variety modern retail has to offer. These days, if you can dream it, odds are, there’s likely a subscription for it!


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